A Beatific Vision

Autor:Marin Mihalache

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sâmbătă, 08 septembrie 2018

You are a lonesome man
Without your god.
Bereft of twilight
By a mystical vision
You are that sprout
Of a miraculous dawn
The beatific rumination
Of finite apprehension.

Disown fidgety souls
Awaking from dreadful
Drifting in dazzling desert
In pursuit of pristine oasis
A bright sun has blinded us
With its sheen rays of glory
Crossing unseen verges
To show the true way.

Longing to return home
In elusive blissful abiding
When we arrived at a shore
A new horizon unfolded.

Until we descended within,
Into the buoyant fountains,
In the flares of our hearts.
Burst streams of living
Waters flowed back
In pacific oceans,
The pure tears
Of the departed saints
Who at that shore had arrived.

HOMO LITURGICUS, Poems by Marin Mihalache
Mirco Publishing; Amazon KDP; 152 pages
English; Paperback & e-Book
Introductory Note by Alexander Schmemann

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