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  • Oh, my God, if You befriend me

    O, my God, if You befriend me
    like you brag to saints in force,
    may Death take with written order
    not my parents, but my horse.

  • Today we move apart

    Today we no longer sing, no longer smile.
    Standing where an enchanted season is starting,
    today we move apart
    as the waters from land have been parting.

  • I'm thirsty (Mi-e sete)

    I'm leisurely yearning.
    I’m hungry, I’m thirsty,
    But I could not perhaps say,
    Come who may,

  • Song

    God forgot me, thinking me over
    until the thought
    became for me flesh.
    Leaves forgot me

  • Sad love song (Trist cântec de dragoste)

    Only my life will die for me for good,
    Only grass knows the taste of the earth.
    Only my blood is missing my heart

  • The socket (Arcada)

    Today I saw an eye
    that loved me.
    I could see he’d have brought me in
    under his eyebrow.

  • Shakespeare

    Shakespeare created the world in seven days.

    On the first day he made the sky, the mountains and the chasms of the soul.
    On the second day he made the rivers, the seas, the oceans

  • I glimpsed light (Am zărit lumină)

    I glimpsed light on the earth,
    and I got born to see
    how you were doing.

  • The dance lesson (Lecția de dans)

    I should put on a mask
    and a shield I should put upon my chest
    I should put in my eyes the look
    that I once looked with,

  • What a sad soul (Ce suflet trist

    What a sad soul have gifted me
    My parents from their own
    That so many torments have found
    Room in this self alone?