I'm thirsty (Mi-e sete) - Tudor Arghezi

I'm leisurely yearning.
I’m hungry, I’m thirsty,
But I could not perhaps say,
Come who may,
What manner
Of grub could feed me and what manna.
I have got bread, foodies and wine.
My hayloft is stuffed.
Got fruits in my grove
Left to drop
Aplenty from trees.
The herds bellow – see
How udders are thick:
Milk them for all tubs and pails you wish.
Nor my old bee garden
Can be seen as pauper
And I’ve got in pantry
Also bitter honey
Besides all those eats.
Of them all I’m sick,
Of evil and good.
I’m hungry and thirsty of you.

Added by: vasysm

Translator: Vasile Andreica
Language: English

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