My Mother's Dream

Autor:Marin Mihalache

Adăugat de: marin.mihalache

luni, 05 noiembrie 2018

When it was to be born
An angel was eagerly
Waiting for me
In the mist of autumn
Under a weeping willow
Tree grown at the edge
Of the River Lucius
Tail of the placid Snagov Lake
Where Vlad Tepes reposes
In front of monastery’s altar
On a bewitching island.

My mother was alone
As she has always been
Weaving charmed carpets
Of dreams waiting for
A miracle to happen.

The angel was waiting too
He perhaps had seen me
From far away coming
Swimming in the waves
Rushing to arrive
In the world at right time
While my affectionate mother
Had the most beautiful
Riveting, blessed dream
Of her own life.

HOMO LITURGICUS, Poems by Marin Mihalache

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