The Fiddler Child

Autor:Felix Rian Constantinescu

Adăugat de: Felix Rian Constantinescu

marţi, 24 martie 2020

It would have been beautiful to receive a fiddle when I asked it at 5 years old
‘87 But didn’t so me and the fiddle 33 years later are still strangers and will be
Until I’ll get the notions and fiddle and expertise in Heaven there I will play it
Until then still as autistic and still as Child I think of my once possible fiddle

With the regret of a Child eating chocolate there is no fiddle in my hands
Never was I cannot play it and I didn’t knew how to make one as advised
I am the fiddler child a martyr of unplayed music only the cadence of t
Typewriting machine only musical instrument how sad a Child w/out a toy.

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