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“When we were little children, perhaps a parent told us a fairytale; when we grew up, we threw the fairytale away; don’t constrain others into believing into what you do not believe, but let them believe in what you denied and who knows, maybe you will believe again.”


“One must know to drag a happiness from sorrow, for to be happy; yet, the idea of happiness is relative, since happiness depends to majority of us according to happy moments; let’s throw such paradox away and find a happiness into sorrow, maybe after these, we discover ourselves why happiness and sorrow has the same root.”


“We seek similarities, but all we often see are just differences; why then, we don’t seek differences and perhaps we’ll see our similarities?!”


“It is easy to quote to everyone how they should change, but harder is to ask yourself daily if or how you changed yourself.”



(Selected quotes, within 2010 – 2013)



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Marin > not belonging to me, but to the ones I asked - and so many.. tiny... incredibly tiny particles of dust!..

duminică, 03 septembrie 2017

Profound words of wisdom. Congratulations.
duminică, 03 septembrie 2017