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“The human could be so good, so good that even angels would envy it; the human could be so evil, so evil that even demons would fear of it.”


“We are living here on Earth, but often find ourselves as living in separate worlds”


“It is amazing, the Life before our eyes! Yet, many times we reach to not be able to perceive the Life, mistaking it with living, fate or destiny; when we were little children, Life was a Universe found in a leaf, falling down or in a small piece of rock and as we grew up, we stepped over that leaf and threw away that rock, this way embracing Death.”


“Many of us quoting Love, manifesting the desire of loving and be loved; yet, most of us love the idea of being surrounded by Love and when later we actually are in such situation, we have the tendency to deny it ;then, it is said that many love only the idea of Love, but not actually love.”


“Life inside a couple or a married couple, should not be a continue pain, but a relief; therefore, be free or allow freedom, because people really don’t need to bring sufferance to each other.”


“When we are little ones, we do not realize what happens around us, but in the measure we grow up, we get knowledge, as children of life and students of it; sometimes, we isolate our mothers and fathers, but try to teach others how to be parents and therefore, how many times we asked ourselves why we teach others what we didn’t applied to ourselves!?!”


(Selected quotes, within 2010 – 2013)



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Marin > I hope others may benefit, from all these. Because each of them, are trees, like me. And their words, woulden't be in vain - as if people do not hear, there is God.

duminică, 03 septembrie 2017

Wonderful seeds of meditation. Congratulations.
duminică, 03 septembrie 2017