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Fragments from a letter


“Sometimes, you find yourself with a noble purpose, in life; then, you try to express yourself in various ways, defining your inner world in everything you touch, in everything you think or feel, setting clear lines, shapes and contours, light or shade, tone and value; in time, such painting will show fragments from your very soul, starting with the structure of your core, from which everything is chained alike an ivy, climbing over a tree and.. why not?! suffocating it with her strings.. and yet, there’s no death, but only life, shared, remembrances of loved ones…

The fragments, are your very thoughts and feelings, written on a white sheet of paper, without any distortion from truth; your inner truth, as whom you were.. Perhaps in the end.. everything that has been shared was just a common life, a monochrome in gray , or.. perhaps brown tones, but indeed, might mix more colors.. Or, as a final work, your completed painting was full of colors and all in balance, even if a kind of tone dominates the scene.. was your scene of life, expressed…in a painting taking the name of Fragments. Maybe for you, the black shades were depressions, anxiety, repressed things, your very sins’ perspective , or just an incoming death, about to drag you out of this world.. a suicidal note in which as signature was your blood as witness of your despair.. Maybe for you, the white and yellow were the happiest moments or kindness you showed to some people in need, or perhaps was your meditation over life, as living, as destiny and finally, as breath of soul.. Maybe for you, the green and blue were hopes, melancholy or loneliness, isolated on an island, trying to survive in the very depth of a jungle..or perhaps was just your positive thinking, when about finding knowledge into knowing laws of life, causes and effects, across actions and reactions.. Maybe for you, the red and violet were secrets of your heart, wounded, empty, or just feeling love, sharing it together with you sweetheart, wife..or perhaps it described your passions, from the simplest one till the most complex, fully life-giving texture, breathing energy, into an equilibrium..almost perfect…or creating dreams..your very dreams, in which you lost yourself, an astral sphere, a universe, for yourself and loved ones…

But these.. you see, are just… fragments. New ways to define or perceive them..are  found through art.. and there is nobody who could define them better for you, than yourself.. so..just remember..of what brings you joy or sorrow, poor or richness, honor or dishonor, life or death, salvation or damnation, love..or..hate.. and from all these fragments, define them through an matter if is poetry, prose, other writings, or visual arts, music..

 Then, if you gave a sense to your life, will not matter a possible hell or a personal heaven; will matter.. their from…Fragments…

May peace be within you and God bless your soul!..”



2012 ©Th3Mirr0r

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Marin > A sunflower: mind and heart within it's doubled spiral. Yet, how many drops are there, in the whole ocean?!..
I remember one of Poe's poems, which says, within a stanza "I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand--"
And then, I sat there, listening the "Fields of coral" - someone passing by asked me "child, why do you build such castles of sand, so near that waves takes them away?" and i looked, and i looked, answering back "the sand belongs to the sea - a wave dreaming with me"
Thank you!..

duminică, 03 septembrie 2017

Very thoughtful "fragments from a letter". An inner river of wonderful thoughts and emotions running to an oceanic feeling. Congratulations.
duminică, 03 septembrie 2017